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Jen has a deep passion for helping people get to where they want to go and she has a gift for doing, delivering and making that happen
— PopUp Business School Aotearoa attendee

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How does less stress, gaining a greater sense of clarity and progress towards turning your goals into reality sound?

Exciting, and totally possible!

If you're a driven individual, an emerging leader or someone experiencing change, you'll know that balancing everything is a challenge sometimes. Sometimes even finding the time to figure out what it is you want to do, let alone breathe, is a struggle! I've been there and am trained to help others not struggle. People trust me to support them and their organisations to flourish, thrive and become more mindful.

Let's make things easier for you. This is your permission slip to put yourself higher up your to do list.

You and your team will be energised, crushing goals and aware of the change and impact they want to make in no time. 


How Can I Help?

To help you & your business thrive, check out the below options ... or let's grab a coffee and chat about how we can co-create a best-fit solution. 


co-designed TO youR needS

Calm is the new currency. Engaged, mindful and well employees. Jen Y works with your employees to learn strategies to manage stress, cope with change and become more resilient. Solutions include:

  • Mindfulness and self-care programmes

  • Thriving through Change/Transition coaching

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Thrive at Work: Mindful Meetings, Intentional Technology and Social Media Usage

Let's get a coffee and chat about your workplace's and employees' needs.

1:1 and groups

This is your permission slip to put yourself higher up your to-do list. Define your definition of success, learn how to be sustainably high-performing and unlock your potential. Solutions include:

  • Mindful Results and Mindful Impact Coaching 1:1

  • Action Learning Groups

  • Workshops - on request for groups and community organisations

  • Let's collaborate on something!

Contact Jen for your free, no-obligation 30 minute mindful results coaching call.

1:1 and groups

From stressed and struggling to intentional, on-purpose and thriving. Solutions, opportunities and connections for 18-35 year olds going through periods of transition (e.g. between study and work) - including: 

  • 'Find Your Why With Jen Y'

  • Youth (18-25 year olds) Leadership Development

  • Mindful Social Media Usage: Use Technology, Don't Let It Use You!

  • Mindfulness for Millennials #getzenwithjen

Contact Jen to learn how she can help you, your peers and your community groups.