About Jen Y


I'm so excited to meet you!

Hi there! I'm Jennifer Young (but most people know me as 'Jen Y' because my name sounds like 'Gen Y' and I'm a member of Generation Y/Millennial Generation... plus, I love plays-on-words).

I am passionate about and committed to ELEVATING people to their definition of success through: mindfulness teaching, facilitation, coaching, mental health first aid, youth leadership development and yin yoga.

Performance = potential - interference
— Timothy Gallwey, 'The Inner Game of Tennis' (1974)

Results are inevitable when you work with me. Clients work with me to identify what's holding them back, elevate them to their definitions of deeply fulfilling and deeply impactful lives and regularly obtain clarity, happiness and sense of 'thriving'. 

I hope you'll come join me.


My vision with 'Jen Y Insights' is to support a generation of millennials and people in periods of transition to flourish, thrive and become more mindful as individuals and in their workplaces.

In my spare time, I LOVE being on the leadership team for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards programme, volunteering as a companion for Camp Quality, mentoring Victoria University students, walking dogs with friends and blogging.

Feel free to poke your nose around this website, use the free resources, read and subscribe to the Jen Y Insights blog and newsletter and reach out to me when you're ready. Let's do coffee and chat about how we can collaborate!


Thank you for your time and your trust. I'm glad that you found me and I hope we get to connect soon.


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