The below is from the original Facebook post on March 3rd 2017:

Challenge #3: Ask out a guy that I've thought is pretty awesome for a while... ended up being a challenge about vulnerability

This one was actually way easier than I thought as the guy contacted me first (!) after reading my first Facebook post. He made it very easy for me by messaging me: "So for your '40 days of fear' for Lent, does asking the cute guy out count me?!" Serendipity? So, taking the hint, I took the plunge and asked him out (see proof) :). In this case, the fear of rejection was not too bad as I'd received a signal that the feeling may be reciprocated. Joy.

Asking for what I wanted (to get coffee with a guy) turned out to be WAY easier than expected! :)

Asking for what I wanted (to get coffee with a guy) turned out to be WAY easier than expected! :)

Today's 'out-of-comfort-zone' activity actually ended up being about speaking authentically, answering honestly and asking for what I wanted. It became about thinking WHY I was doing this. A friend who is a psychologist, encouraged me to dig deep and answer what my big 'yes' or 'why' is for this challenge, so that if/when the challenge gets hard I have something to keep me going. And, as these are personal reasons, sharing them to the wider world is also another thing that makes me feel uncomfortable.

My BIG WHY for this challenge (and a lot of other things in life) is my older brother/best friend Alex, who devastatingly passed away from cancer when I was 8 year's old. When I think of him, he inspires me to keep on trying and living bigger. To do things that he would be proud of if he were here. When I think of him, everything in my life becomes an absolute privilege - it helps me to gain perspective and to enjoy even some of the more shittier days. My SECOND WHY is for 'future Jen' and for younger girls who may go through similar experiences: to do things that my future self would look back on and say 'shit, yeah, I did that!'; to be the type of leader and coach that I would want - a leader that tries things and learns from their actions, rather than just preaching/talking about theories and ideas. My THIRD WHY is to push my comfort zone out even further and in the process increase my self-love. The challenges are personal challenges. Completing them takes courage, vulnerability and living wholeheartedly (concepts from Brene Brown's research).

WHAT'S NEXT? I'll be posting in the next few days and weeks things that I'll be doing/taking part in and I would LOVE it for people to JOIN ME and suggest other ideas and/or tell me of things going on! Examples: trying kung fu, karaoke (I can feel the butterflies in my stomach already), improv class, speed dating, perhaps trying a circus/trapeze class, disconnecting from social media for 2+ days, trying salsa, going to a restaurant and picking the worst-sounding thing on the menu (my brother's idea), doing a freestyle dancing class (could be weird), laughter yoga, trying stand-up paddle boarding (eep!), getting hypnotised, volunteering at a soup kitchen, etc.

With so much love and gratitude xx