Day 10 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': Following my insatiable curiosity down the rabbit hole and embracing opportunities

The below is from the original Facebook post on March 10th 2017:

[Short on time? Read the final two paragraphs to find out the unexpected and beautiful opportunity that presented itself to me because I followed my curious nose!]

For as long as I can remember I have had an insatiable curiosity. I really feel a bit sorry for my parents now as I was the child who was constantly asking 'why' and wanting to experience something before passing judgment on it. Perhaps it's deeply ingrained into me: a desire for fairness and to want to know the real story of something rather than pre-judging it. I find it incredibly powerful to have an eye-opening moment or a shift of mindset because of experiencing something from a different perspective.

Day 10's challenge was about following my curiosity, leaving behind any potential biases or prejudices and embracing what occurred - saying "yes" where I may have previously said "no" and backed back into my comfort zone. The previous day I had been in a book shop and had my curiosity peaked when I saw a little sign advertising 'intuitive readings' and little business cards with a phone number to text/call. SUGGESTION: For the extreme sceptics, I suggest you skip this next part and read the final two paragraphs to find out the WONDERFUL opportunity that presented itself because I followed my curiosity and ignored my scepticism :).

For Day 10 I was tossing up between going along to an improv class or having an 'intuitive reading' (trust me, I was more than a little sceptical, but also really curious!) So, I texted the phone number on the business card to see if there were any available appointments that evening. There was one available, so I took this as a sign - go for it! It turns out that the lady had been doing these readings for years: she read my palm and did two spreads of card readings for me. My inner sceptic was present but my 'corporate hippy' was also there, loving the journey. Overall opinion? I was pleasantly surprised at parts of the reading that hit very close-to-home. So, just give it a try! It could teach you something new and maybe even surprise you. (Although, I don't think it's everyone's cup of tea, honestly. If anything, it was a nice period of time just having a quiet chat with someone, rather than being somewhere noisy and around a lot of people).

My insatiable curiosity led me to having an 'intuitive reading' done! Which led to... the opportunity to assist at teaching a children's yoga class the following week!

My insatiable curiosity led me to having an 'intuitive reading' done! Which led to... the opportunity to assist at teaching a children's yoga class the following week!

The next part was unexpected for both of us: after the reading the lady and I ended up chatting a lot. It turns out that she has been teaching yoga for 16 years (we bonded over our love for yoga and working with people, including children). And, it seems that she saw something in me as we ended up continuing the conversation over a casual dinner across the road: discussing her business, her love of teaching yoga to children and the children's yoga book that she has completed and is in the process of launching. Amazing!

The cool part? She has invited me to come and CO-TEACH/ASSIST HER AT A CHILDREN'S YOGA CLASS next Sunday!!! Lesson here: listen to that little voice of intuition/curious voice that tells you try something new or to get to know a person a little better - listen to their story and their dreams. There may be a hidden opportunity in the connection that neither of you knew before you got to know each other.

Not gonna lie: this 40 day challenge has got to the point where I'm finding doing time-intensive and/or physically or emotionally-intensive challenges a bit much. Rest is needed. So, I'm taking a break from the intensity. My CHALLENGE FOR DAY 11: SPEND 24 HOURS AWAY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA (3pm - 3pm). When I'm back in the 'connected world', I'd LOVE to hear what other suggestions for challenges you may have for me!

With so much love and gratitude <3 xx

Jennifer Young