Day 12 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': Creating a Zoo, AND/OR I now need to detox from sugar for at least a week

The below is from the original Facebook post on March 12th 2017:

Can you tell that I'm really starting to enjoy thinking of creative titles for these fears/challenges?! Today's challenge was SO MUCH FUN!!! Since graduating from university and starting work, I've really put a lot of time into my career, keeping well and volunteering. One thing that had fallen by the wayside was... baking! And, trying more difficult and decorative types of baking. I also have a slight aversion to baking with a lot of sugar, so after today's baking session I remembered why I had this aversion: I feel like a small child who has overdosed at Easter time on Easter eggs (or a stronger substance). Bouncing off the walls!!

The amazing baker and wonderful friend, Weasel Pescini, was so welcoming when I asked her if I could do this challenge with her. She's such a pro: showing me how to do the piping bags, designing the animal cupcake designs and knowing all of the baking cupcake tips and tricks! It was like creating edible art work!! [See evidence below of the designs and the end results]

All I can say is: THANK YOU!! Weasel and I created a beautiful zoo of [cupcake] animals :)

And, I will now be detoxing from sugar for at least a week. My mind is hyperactive and creative enough without the white substance! haha

A perfect (and new) activity to try on a very tired Sunday: decorative baking!

A perfect (and new) activity to try on a very tired Sunday: decorative baking!

For this week: can anyone suggest any low-key ideas? My intention is to have some lesser-intense challenges this week and then do more intensive challenges the following week (so as to complete this challenge without burning out).


Jennifer Young