Day 13 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': decluttering

The below is from the original Facebook post on March 13th 2017:

This challenge has been suggested by numerous people: to declutter my belongings. It has also been inspired by the lovely Julia and Samuel when they spoke at RYLA earlier this year about Marie Kondo's book 'The Magic of Tidying Up'. Still also yet to read it... Decluttering has been 'on my list' for a long time but I've truly procrastinated from doing it. It's made me realise that, sadly, I do have an attachment to some of my possessions. It's definitely given me something to ponder.

The photo you see is of one bag filled with clothing that I will take to the Salvation Army later this week. This is tonight's effort as I also really need to sleep haha. There is another bag of clothing that I am keen to sell or swap with other people. Would any Wellington friends be keen to do a clothes swap in 2 weekends or one night after work next week?

Also, I'm pretty proud of keeping this challenge up. It's definitely harder than I anticipated doing a challenge consistently every day. Sometimes I wake up and it's the first thing I think of: how will I push/challenge myself today? Honestly, sometimes this excites me and sometimes it causes me a bit of anxiety, especially if I'm quite tired or have a lot on during the day. If it wasn't for the fact I'd also challenged myself to stay accountable, I may have slacked off by now. Such a good realisation to come to!

Jennifer Young