Day 14 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': Admitting imperfection - that things do not always turn out as planned

The below is from the original Facebook post on March 14th 2017:

My intention today had been to publish a blog post. However, today has been unexpectedly more tiring and complex than anticipated, so having an early night and publishing a blog post within the next week is now the priority. As a 'recovering perfectionist', it is honestly difficult to admit that things don't always go perfectly and that I'm not super woman (this was a bit of a shock to find out a few years ago haha).

Insight: Doing consistent creative work requires discipline and more time than I currently have. On the positive side: I spent 30 minutes tonight learning how to use functions of Squarespace. Beautiful designs!

On another note, an event that was outside of my comfort zone today: being interviewed for a position on a board. Even being considered for this position made me feel like I was #adulting. That counts as a challenge, right?

Tomorrow's challenge will be much more fun! Going to a trampoline place for a friend's birthday. It's been a long time since I've last been on a trampoline!

Admittedly, not the most exciting update, but it's an update. #consistency#carryingonthechallenge

Jennifer Young