Day 15 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': Bouncing back and jumping from heights (especially when tired)

The below is from the original Facebook post on March 15th 2017:

Day 15 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': Bouncing back and jumping from heights (especially when tired)

Today's been an eye-opening day in many respects. [Sharing story time] At lunchtime today I bumped into an ex-MBIE colleague who I had not seen since last September. When we had worked together she had gone 'on leave' for 3 months and it had been kept quiet why. It turns out, upon asking how she was that she had almost died last year from a brain aneurysm on her honeymoon. Thankfully she had received wonderful medical care in Australia and had recovered in time. We shared a lot of hugs when she told me this had happened. When I saw her today she looked like she was absolutely glowing with, and radiating happiness. I asked her if it was okay to ask her what had been the biggest change or shift for her since experiencing the near-death experience. For her, it was that her whole outlook on life had changed. She wakes up now, on the most part, filled with gratitude and happiness for the life she is currently leading rather than complaining about the weather, having to go to work, etc. She's said she now has refocused on what is really important to her: her husband, children, grandchildren and their lifestyle. And, her and her now-husband will be pushing forward their retirement and moving to sunny Nelson in 18 months! Since putting this intention out there to move to Nelson, things have been coming her way and changing in a rapid and easy fashion.

This run-in with my ex-colleague has got me reflecting... Since starting this challenge and 'putting it out there' that I would be doing something every day for 40 days that would either scare me, push me outside of my comfort zone or I've never done before, opportunities and people have been coming into my life in a way that I did not think possible in such a short timeframe. What has been achieved, even just in the last 15 days, is blowing my mind. It's really got me thinking that once a goal or intention is set with a clear end date and it is shared with others, that by sharing it, other people get interested and excited for you. So, my challenge here to anyone reading this is: if this challenge has struck a chord with you and you've been thinking "I'd love to try some of those things...if I had a bit more time/money/opportunity to do so", I encourage you to start thinking about how you could also challenge yourself. And, I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on this and if there is anyway I can help you with ideas, getting started or setting goals.

Now, to TODAY'S CHALLENGE: the lovely Hannah has her birthday today (yay!) and had invited me and a number of other friends to join her at Jumperama (an indoor trampoline park) and then go out to dinner afterwards with her. It has been a LONG time since I've been on a trampoline. Also, jumping from a height and, especially, FALLING from a height are slight fears of mine and definitely outside of my comfort zone. All of these got done tonight! I feel elated!! I experimented with jumping against and on different kinds of trampolines, jumping into a 'foam pit' (which needed abdominal strength to get out of, let me tell you!), climbing the rock climbing wall and falling backwards (I definitely felt a bit of fear and had to push through it here) and then climbing from one side of the rock climbing wall all around to the other without falling backwards. The inner child definitely had a fun time tonight! Also, I didn't anticipate bouncing would be such a workout... it fully is. Bonus!

Thanks, Hannah for the invite and it was lovely sharing the experience with you and others :) <3 xx

p.s. To other friends: give this a try! You don't have to be a child to find this enjoyable!

Jennifer Young