Day 16 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': doing little things 'out of character'

The below is from the original Facebook post from March 16th 2017:

Day 16 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': doing little things 'out of character'

Rather than facing one 'big' challenge, today was more about doing little things that were 'out of character'. This was unintentional - the things that happened just popped up during the day, which was wonderful.

Things that happened today that were out of character:

1) When a homeless person came up to me while I was eating lunch and asked for money for food, rather than automatically apologising for a lack of coins on me, I listened to his story and offered him some of my food (a nectarine). It turns out that he wasn't keen on the nectarine and moved on... (I was very confused by this).

2) Didn't drink coffee when I felt like it

3) When asked by my hairdresser how I wanted my hair done, I relinquished control to her as I trusted her with my hair (note: not a small deal for a female who loves her hair!) We've now moved away from my trusted layers style and have gone for a 'blunter' look. Change!

4) Being brave enough to ask to try a sample of a moisturiser and night cream that I had not tried rather than buying the whole thing. This may sound like a small thing, but asking for samples at brands like Elizabeth Arden was outside of my normal comfort zone.

5) Saw a guy on the same bus as me going home who was reading the book that I'd just finished reading! It happened that we got off at the same bus stop, so I ended up striking up a conversation starting with "Hey! That's a great book!" Longer story short? We're getting coffee next week.

By doing these little things that were outside of my normal comfort zone and character, I've felt a newer sense of freedom and lightness today. Without realising it I had been holding myself back in the past by not doing exactly what I wanted to do or saying what I really wanted to say. It turns out that asking for what you want can help you to get what you want! What an amazing feeling :). Am I a late bloomer in realising these things and/or realising I'd been holding myself back? I'd love to hear other peoples' opinions and stories here!