Day 18 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS' - getting my green thumb on

The below is from the original Facebook post from March 18th 2017:

Day 18 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS' - getting my green thumb on

While not necessarily a fear, gardening and cleaning murals is outside of what I normally choose to do on a precious weekend day. However, the opportunity arose to clean the beautiful mural and do some gardening at St Andrew's on the Terrace community hall, so I committed to giving it my best try (despite not having properly gardened since I was in high school...). Funnily enough, it looked like we were doing community service while cleaning the mural. #notcriminals #volunteering#wearingtoomuchpinktobeahardenedcriminal



Suffice to say, I can now understand why some people like gardening so much - it's very therapeutic as well as a nice activity to do with some friends out in the fresh air. Mum - I now understand why you like gardening so much! Perhaps a new mother-daughter activity for when I'm next in Auckland? 😊

Lesson learned: wear gloves so that your hands don't get so ruined!

Tomorrow's challenge? Co-teaching a children's yoga class for the first time and then doing the Paekakariki Stairway to Heaven walk. I'm excited!!