Day 27 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': being objectively measured/having a 'Health and Fitness test'

The below is from the original Facebook post from March 27th 2017:


Day 27 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': being objectively measured/having a 'Health and Fitness test'

In high school I absolutely dreaded fitness tests as I was not a fan of running (I preferred badminton, dancing, walking and performing music). The idea of doing a beep test during high school would almost automatically give me period pains and nausea (I would try to get out of as many as I could). This makes me laugh now as I've actually started enjoying the odd bit of running. Nowadays, being vulnerable and open here: I typically subjectively assess my health based on how much energy I have walking/running up a hill, how good I feel in my clothing etc. In fact, I try not to focus too much on numbers on scales. For me, exercise is about enjoyment and being able to focus at work and do creative tasks.

This morning I got a 'Health and Fitness' test done by having my body scanned by a Fit3D scanner. Today's challenge was definitely outside of my comfort zone and I was a little afraid to view the results until I got home later in the day. I genuinely felt nervous about getting this done as some of the preparations for the test required no eating 2 hours beforehand, no caffeine and no exercise 2 hours prior to the test. It was also little intimidating as I had to stand on the machine while standing very still in a sports bra and bike shorts as it spun me around scanning my body. Eep!

Any fears were quashed when the report came back positive: at a normal/healthy weight, healthy BMI and with an average body fat percentage. Decently happy - there's always room for improvement! :) As long as I can walk up mountains and do yoga when I'm older - that's what matters!

Until tomorrow! <3 xx