Day 28 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': commitment and consistency

The below is from the original Facebook post from March 28th 2017:

Day 28 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': commitment and consistency

Today's challenges were about pushing my comfort zone out just that one step further. It was about building upon fears or challenges I'd already busted through in order to make them consistent habits. [insert cheesy saying here about 'slow and steady wins the race']

Plus, honesty here: I'm super tired today after an intensive few days, so trying something brand new and time-consuming was just not on the cards.

Part of this 40 day challenge has become about trying activities and different challenges to see what the end result is: e.g. does the activity make me feel invigorated for break through a previous barrier? Does it bring me a sense of joy while doing it? Is the activity something that I had initially dreaded but now want to continue doing it?

Yesterday's health and fitness test also lead to this resolve: to be committed to not only physical activities but also to allowing and booking in 'creative time' so as to do consistent creative work.

* I increased the weights that were lifted for the 'Pump' class - on some tracks it was doubling the weight! Yes, the legs definitely shook by the end of some tracks. #proudofmyself #littlewins
* Blocked the time in to work on 'Jen Y Insights'... and did it! :)

* Who would like to join me at a 'drop in beginner AERIAL SILK class' at 1pm? It's free if it's the first time you've visited Venus Star's Burlesque (Clothing: leggings and singlet). I'm a bit nervous about this challenge as I have no idea how it will go!!