DAYS 22 and 23 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': balancing the yin and the yang

The below is from the original Facebook post from March 23rd 2017:


DAYS 22 and 23 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': balancing the yin and the yang

Day 22 involved multiple challenges and had me so tired by the end of the day that I just needed to eat, shower and go to bed when I got home late last night. Hence, the multiple challenges yesterday will be counted for both days 22 and 23. Sounds fair, yes? :)

Yesterday involved going to a 6.30am Step class (the sweat was real!!) This was massively outside my comfort zone as I'd normally go for a walk up Tinakori Hill or go to a yoga or Pilates class first thing in the morning. Also, pumping loud music that sounds like a night club and jumping around to it at 6.30am normally makes me want to put ear plugs in and roll over in bed. #parttimenana This was a very 'yang' activity which was basically the opposite of my normal morning routine. It was invigorating and my energy was on form well into the afternoon!

Then, upon catching up with an ex-colleague for coffee later that morning, she suggested that I could try Tai Chi with her. Turns out that there was a class on straight after work, so I jumped to do two challenges in one day! This was an extreme 'yin' activity and WAY harder than I thought it would be. While mindfulness, meditation and yoga are things that I am quite comfortable with (for the most part), moving exceedingly slowly, technically and with discipline was very challenging. Also, after the end of a long day at work it required more brain power and focus than I had hoped it would. There was a LOT of learning and focus involved!

Would I recommend doing multiple new things and challenges in a day? Absolutely, as a once or twice off event! But doing a lot of new and intensive things consistently - not so much. One of the aims of this challenge is to complete the 40 days, so making it sustainable is a key part of it. Hence, if I don't do any big or new challenges today, I'm compassionately allowing myself the rest :)

p.s. I may have also done another challenge yesterday that I'm keeping a secret until the weekend. It's MASSIVELY outside of my comfort zone and even just entering into it made my stomach fill with butterflies. *Watch this space*

Putting it out there again: would anyone like to join Christel and I at HOLI (Wellington Colour Festival) on Saturday? It looks like fun! <3