Day 33 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': being disconnected and unstructured

Day 33 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': being disconnected and unstructured

I had believed for a long time that in order to achieve all of my goals (of which there are many) that a lot of my time needed to be blocked out, timed, measured, etc. Waking up by a certain time each day (including weekends), doing certain activities in the morning, getting at least 10,000 steps each day, doing 'deep work'/chunking time, seeing a friend/mentor or exercising every lunch time, then exercising/networking/doing creative work or life admin until bed time. My mantra is "Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up... every single day". It serves me well, yet this way of living requires sacrifices, discipline and it can be really tiring! Without realising it - with this challenge especially - I was constantly doing, doing, doing....feeling the need to constantly improve while trying my best to enjoy the present moment. While I was working really hard at work and on myself, I didn't spend much time relaxing or having 'down time' without being stimulated by either entertainment or information.

Sunday's challenge, especially with Daylight Saving occurring, was the perfect challenge for me. Not only did I not use my phone the entire day, I didn't check any form of internet or reactive information or entertainment. I didn't even look at the time the entire day. For someone who loves going to, e.g. a yoga class at a certain time, or feels a sense of satisfaction getting x, y and z done by a certain time of the day, this was a BIG thing. The only way I knew what time of the day it was throughout the day was by how hungry or tired my body felt or by asking someone. Thanks, Natalie, for the idea of having a completely 'unstructured' day - it was a great challenge!

It really made me realise that despite my best efforts to be mindful throughout the day, that there were so many distractions that normally occurred during the day that I would give in to and lose touch with the beautiful present moment. As I'd been doing research on Flow and 'Deep Work' earlier in the work, this day's experiment was the perfect time to really feel the reality of these theories. This was a really powerful challenge to do, so I will write a blog post on it within the next few weeks about the insights that I had.

Deliberately disconnecting myself from the 'connected world' was a fantastic experiment. I gained at least 3-4 hours during the day and achieved what I would normally achieve by c. 3pm in the afternoon - I even had time for a 30 minute nap during the day! Heavenly. I found this such a powerful change that I will now be implementing this into my life on a monthly basis.

I fully recommend this to other people who have wanted to try this! <3 xx