Day 35 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': doing the 'little adulting things' that I'd put off doing

The below is from the original Facebook post from April 4th 2017:

Day 35 of '40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS': doing the 'little adulting things' that I'd put off doing

Originally I thought that my 'fear busting challenge' for the day was doing two types of sweat-inducing physical exercise classes in a day (weights lifting and then Zumba), however it would be inauthentic for me to say this was a real challenge... In reality, today's challenge became about doing the 'little adulting things' that I had procrastinated doing for some reason or another - fear about potential costs, time they would take, about 'taking the first or next step', etc.


Enrolled in an 'Intro to Business' seminar and an IRD 'GST Workshop'. Enrolling in these so that I can learn to manage my contracting, consulting and freelancing services on top of my part-time 'proper job' felt incredibly #adult.

Looked into how much it would cost to hire venues to start teaching yin yoga classes later this year. This makes me nervous and also excited. Nervous at how much work and study will need to occur before and while this happens. Excited that balls are starting to roll on goals that I had held out in my mind as 'wish-list' goals a year ago and saw as happening in the next 2-5 years, but now realising that I can put in place steps and actions to start them happening by the end of the year. This!!!

Took my car in for service to check on the cooling system (thankfully nothing was wrong with it, but I'd procrastinated doing this for a few weeks as I didn't want to risk having to drop hundreds of dollars on it... #donttelldad). Also, when they told me how much it could cost to replace something else, rather than automatically agreeing to it, I asked a few more questions and found out it wasn't totally necessary. Discussing 'car stuff' is definitely outside my normal 'comfort zone', and by doing a bit more digging I saved myself c. $340. I'm a little proud of myself for doing this - it's the little things! :)

Tomorrow - I'm giving aerial silks a second try as I loved it so much the last time. Does anyone have any suggestions for a different little challenge tomorrow (Wednesday)? xx