A Christmas Message from Jen Y Insights :)

VIDEO WARNING: excited and slightly high-pitched voice at times due to LOVING Christmas time! :)

Many people have said to me it's been a really challenging year. And, a lot of us are going into this end of year exhausted. So, can you allow yourself:

... to sleep on things if you need to

... take the rest you need

... AND key: not feeling guilty for slowing down or resting. You've had a big year and deserve it! Athletes rest at the end of a season, animals hibernate during Winter and humans are also designed to rest.

Have compassion for your loved ones, animals and yourself.

With aroha,

Jen Y

And, let's make 2019 an epic year! The below video contains two 'alternative goal setting' techniques I've used and recommended to clients and friends who don't like new year's resolutions. A longer blog post will be coming when Iā€™m back on line in the new year :)