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Are you above or below the situation or weather? Day 21 of 40 DAYS OF GROWTH

It seems like this blog is perfectly timed with the weather in Wellington turning dramatically bad over the next 18 hours or so (good ol' Tropical Cyclone Gita!) This blog post is about useful tools for dealing with situations, e.g. less-than-ideal weather, in productive ways that are good for your overall well-being and life satisfaction.

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Authentic Happiness, Wellbeing and Flourishing - Lessons from Positive Psychology: Day 17 of 40 DAYS OF GROWTH

Day 17 of 40 DAYS OF GROWTH talks about some important tools I learned from researching positive psychology and 'authentic happiness' a few years ago. PERMA is a great model of the permanent blocks for a life of profound fulfillment. Also containing links to some great online tests to learn about your character strengths and virtues - HIGHLY recommended! :)

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