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Throw Kindness and Compassion like they're Confetti: Day 20 of 40 DAYS OF GROWTH

I read the words "throw kindness like confetti" on a job description a while ago and felt a resounding 'YES, that's so right!' inside of me! What a fun way of putting 'be nice to people'. BUT: how CAN we have and show more kindness and compassion for people when, well, they're not being that kind or compassionate to us? This blog post details a few ways I bring more perspective to my challenges and shares a practice that I teach participants in my mindfulness classes :)

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Being a Human Doing: A Blog Post about Mindfulness and the Benefits of 'Resting in the Middle'

The last time I checked I was a human being, yet most of my life I've spent my time doing, doing, doing. It was exhausting and it lead to burn out and sickness numerous times... until being inspired to give meditation and mindfulness practices a try over three years ago by a yoga teacher and friend. This is a blog post about mindfulness practices, taking a pause to 'just be' and the benefits of 'resting in the middle'.

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