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Days 23-40 of 40 DAYS OF GROWTH: Rounding it out with vulnerability

So, it turns out that trying to publish a blog post every day while running a business full-time is hard. Like, really HARD. I managed 22 blog posts during the 40 day challenge and am grateful for the experience that nearly-daily blogging gave me. This blog post rounds out this 40 day challenge. I'd love to hear any feedback or comments you have for me :)

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The #1 Question that I've been asked: How do you get through challenging times? - Day 11 of 40 DAYS OF GROWTH

The #1 Question that I've been asked over the last few years is: How do you get through challenging times? (i.e. how do you keep showing up consistently?) This blog post involves some vulnerability and me opening up about the key self-care and coping strategies I use to get through challenging times and periods of transition. If it resonates with you I'd LOVE to hear from you :)

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