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Preventing Burn Out: Day 22 of 40 DAYS OF GROWTH

In this blog I share with you a few of the tips I use when I notice I'm approaching or am in 'brown-out' stage so that I don't burn out. Read the blog to learn about the 'brown-out' stage and why healthy selfishness is a good thing :)

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Are you above or below the situation or weather? Day 21 of 40 DAYS OF GROWTH

It seems like this blog is perfectly timed with the weather in Wellington turning dramatically bad over the next 18 hours or so (good ol' Tropical Cyclone Gita!) This blog post is about useful tools for dealing with situations, e.g. less-than-ideal weather, in productive ways that are good for your overall well-being and life satisfaction.

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The #1 Question that I've been asked: How do you get through challenging times? - Day 11 of 40 DAYS OF GROWTH

The #1 Question that I've been asked over the last few years is: How do you get through challenging times? (i.e. how do you keep showing up consistently?) This blog post involves some vulnerability and me opening up about the key self-care and coping strategies I use to get through challenging times and periods of transition. If it resonates with you I'd LOVE to hear from you :)

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Day 10 of 40 DAYS OF GROWTH talks about why your mindset matters and the power of believing you can improve. Thanks to Carol Dweck, Standford Psychology Professor, for presenting these ideas from your extensive and great research! The 'GROWTH vs FIXED MINDSET' concept applies in numerous areas of life and is definitely worthwhile knowing about - whether you're working, studying or have kids.

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Mentors and Coaches: Day 6 of 40 DAYS OF GROWTH

From Friday 19th January, everyday for 40 days, I will be sharing something each day that has either (1) changed my way of thinking or perspective, (2) helped me get through a challenging period of transition, change or growth, or (3) changed my life for the better. I've called it '40 Days of Growth'. I'd love it if you followed along with me on this journey - contributing what has also helped you to learn, grow and change. And, if I can support you on your own learning journey, please do let me know :)

Day 6 is about the power of having mentors and/or coaches - people that support you in your personal and professional growth.

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