In mid-2016 I made a huge transition within my business and asked Jennifer Young (Jen) to coach me through it. Jen’s warm, caring manner helped me through the ups and downs. I gained a number of useful insights from her tools and coaching that I still use most days. And most importantly, I successfully made the transition and changed my life, not just my business. I would recommend working with Jen where you need a boost in support and an impartial viewpoint to get you to the next level.
— Christina Curley Founder and CEO, Upwards Ltd (
I went to Jen at a time where I was thinking about going through a career change. I was feeling lost, apprehensive, and stuck. However, instead of offering me advice and telling me what to do, Jen listened. She gave me space to talk and asked questions that helped me come to my own conclusions about where I could start looking. I left in a completely different state of mind, with actionable goals and confidence that I was doing the right thing. Thank you, Jen, for connecting with me!
— Alistair St Pierre, Small Business Owner
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I had a one on one coaching session with Jen to help overcome my fear of public speaking. Jen gave brilliant advice and genuinely wanted to help. I only had a few days to practice and Jen’s advice was practical and easy for me to put into practice quickly. What shifted for me was realising I could overcome my nerves and look at this as a positive experience. When it came to actually doing my speech I wasn’t even that nervous and didn’t use any notes!! I would highly recommend Jen to anyone struggling with public speaking. I wouldn’t have been able to do my speech without her help and know I’ll be more comfortable with giving presentations in the future. Thanks Jen!!
— Sarah Macdonald Marketing and Comms Advisor at Volunteering NZ
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Jen brings warmth, empathy and attentiveness to every conversation. She makes me feel like I’m the only person in the room and that I matter, and that I am capable of anything. I appreciate her talent for lifting me up when I am down. And I simply love being in her joyful, positive, energising presence
— Christine Langdon, The Good Registry's Co-founder and Chief of Good
Jen has a deep passion for helping people get to where they want to go and she has a gift for doing, delivering and making that happen
— PopUp Business School Aotearoa attendee
Your superpower is AUTHENTICITY - bringing it out and defining the true essence of one’s strengths/talents, resilience and passions, and building/marketing on those through inspirational multi-level mentoring/coaching & body/mind/spirit connection
— Corporate Coaching Client
I definitely recommend working with Jen. She has the unique trait of being both an energy burst and a calming influence.
— Anna Watson, PledgeMe & Pop-Up Business School Aotearoa

kind words from a mindfulness 'taster' workshop attendee

Jennifer is an amazing instructor and facilitator. She has a wonderful way with people, putting you at ease in a moment. 

She is also a beautiful combination of empathy and intelligence and can quickly work through all your fears and apprehension, helping you effectively implement a mindful practice. 

I would highly recommend any of her services.

Ganesh Cherian, Business Owner

how a mindfulness workshop attendee used the learning within 2 days!

Jen's introduction to mindfulness has opened this new door for me. I'm finding opportunities to engage more deeply with the present all the time, and it's already paying off! For example, I have been conducting recruitment interviews lately, and I've used some basic mindfulness techniques to stay engaged with the applicants. This has helped me to really pick up on important nuances.

I'm excited to continue learning the practice of mindfulness, and hope to draw on Jen's knowledge and facilitation skills for this.

I would highly recommend that others do the same!

Victor Komarovsky, Business Improvement Manager at CentrePort

FEEDBACK AFTER AN 8 week mindfulness programme in a corporate environment

"I fully enjoyed this course.  I joined up not having any idea what to expect – had no idea what mindfulness is.  But after the first session, I felt the definition was not spelt out, but I could relate to what was covered.  Further into the course, I looked forward to the sessions.  I shared my experiences with my family, and I believe this really helped me not only at work, but at home as well.  I am working on encouraging and sharing my learnings with my family.  I am less stressed about stuff, I find I sleep better and, and I tend to look at things from different angles before jumping to conclusions. I am much kinder to myself by not taking blame.  I have more confidence in my dealings with others at home and work. 

The tones the facilitators have and use are very calming and work wonders when I am “looking and listening” to myself.  I would recommend that all staff members are encouraged to attend if any future opportunities are given."

Anonymous, Wellington corporate environment, 8 week mindfulness programme attendee


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