Jen Y is on a mission of supporting individuals, groups and workplaces to flourish, thrive and become more mindful through...



Find out about Jen Y, the mission and how she can serve you and your organisation in a coaching and mentoring capacity. She is an experienced NeuroLeadership Institute- trained coach and LOVES working with 18-30+ year olds on a whole range of professional and personal goals and challenges. In her spare time she volunteers on the leadership committee of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards programme and mentors Victoria University students.

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Teaching tools to lead a more present and insightful life: learn mindfulness

Jen Y is an accredited and experienced Ovio Mindfulness One facilitator and brings her unique experiences and understanding of how people learn, leadership development and the public and private sectors to all her classes.



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NEW SERVICES: Insightful Social Media Strategy and Marketing

Do you want to reach millennials or those with the millennial mindset? Do you understand the benefits of using social media to grow your business yet you don't know how to use it effectively?

Numerous people in my network and clients have asked if I can help them with their social media strategy, management and marketing. For the last 6 months I have been helping clients with their content production, graphic creation, advising on their strategy (especially with the upcoming MASSIVE Facebook changes that will also effect Instagram later in 2018!)

Succumbing to popular demand and positive feedback, I am now providing services that cover social media strategy and marketing for successful small-to-medium businesses and individuals.

How I can help take care of that tricky little nugget (i.e. social media) for you! :)


Sharing millennial/gen y/jen y insights: BLOG AND RESOURCES

Curious to know more? Jen Y regularly blogs, shares resources and is actively social. Follow along! She is currently producing '40 DAYS OF GROWTH' - one blog post each day for 40 days of things that have helped her and others to grow and get through challenging times.



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