There is no set COMPASS between the worlds of the cocooned education environment and the unending opportunities of the world of work. It is up to you to investigate and decide on your own direction. For most, this period of transition can be very confusing and sometimes overwhelming. Jen Y Insights has experience, tools and resources to help you on this journey.


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Let's start with teaching you skills so you can get back 48% of your time. How? 48% of the time we are on 'auto pilot', going from place to place, not being present in the moment or for our lives. This is where practising mindfulness comes in.

Jen Y is privileged to facilitate Ovio Mindfulness One workshops and programmes. Get in touch for more information or to experience these transformational tools for yourself. Excitingly, Ovio has collaborated with Wellington Chocolate Factory to create 'A MINDFUL MOUTHFUL'. If you just want to come along to a workshop to do some delicious and mindful eating I also completely support and understand this. Mmmm...

1:1 Support


I'm a NeuroLeadership Institute trained coach and have counselling experience. I also have experience with helping others find their 'inner compass'.

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'Open-Sourcing Leadership Development'


I believe that my services should be accessible to all, regardless of education, finances or location. So, I regularly blog, am actively sharing via social media channels and create leadership/personal development resources and offer FREE consultations. I will be updating these resources over time and would love to co-create these with you.

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Check out the latest resources: 40 DAYS OF FACING FEARS CHALLENGE (coming soon - contact me below to be emailed when this is ready for your courageous heart)

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Without their consistent support and encouragement, this work would not be possible. 



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